Marine Services

El BAHAR Marine Services is providing high quality goods and services to the Maritime industry for 40 years. Our Ship Supply logistics team focuses on 24/7 prompt deliveries to your port of call. Our seamless delivery of goods and services to meet your every need has customer satisfaction as our 1st goal. Quality products and competitive pricing combined with a top-notch network supply chain insures consistent quality and product reliability.


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The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On


Janet knows she wouldn’t get a fraction of the things done she wants to if it wasn’t for her awesome crew. Kara Margules heads up our sales department, helping us find new clients in need of copywriting services when she’s not hitting the sales herself. Marie St. Clair keeps our copywriters working while developing awesome new craft designs. Jason Andrews leads our exceptional IT support team when he’s not making a new batch of award-winning homebrewed ale.